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​D5.4 and D5.5 Field Validation and Demonstration Reports and Recommendations


Deliverable D5.4 Field validation report and recommendations is a follow-up of D5.3 Case study elaboration, field validation protocols and equipment calibration within the framework of WP5 and under the umbrella of T5.2 Validation in new construction and refurbishment. T5.2 ends at M36 and D5.4 is the final deliverable within this task dealing with site test preparation and the assigned qualified validation of the INSITER methodology and its expected performance level. D5.4 consists especially of precise technical definitions and elaborated detailing of use cases´ specific testing approaches and the preparation for the life validation activities on site based on the expectations of valuable conclusions. As a core part of this deliverable the INSITER methodology performance is validated at life demonstrator level based on defined features. The original focus of deliverable 5.4 has been changed due to an inconsistency of the DoA as the testing activities are planned starting at M37 and the description of the deliverable was focusing on test results which is impossible in terms of the planned schedule.

The remaining deliverables in WP5 at Y4 of the project focus on life tests and analysis of results at building sites and the technical proof of improvement of the quality assurance while applying the INSITER tool and methodology. In D5.3 the six INSITER demonstration sites have already been introduced and a definition and an assignment of use cases have been realised. The generic description of the current 16 use cases pre-defined in D5.3 provides an outline as a framework for the life tests to be carried out in different thematic fields related to the developed story boards and the demonstrators. In D5.4 the use cases have been validated against the INSITER methodology following the specific testing needs and the equipment to be applied on site in future application.

Based on the use case approach and the validation of the INSITER methodology performance at demonstrator site level D5.4 highlights now specifically the foreseen embedded activities stepwise in coordination with close relation to the INSITER application guidelines according the samples provided already in the drafts of D1.2 Guidelines for self-inspection in new construction and D1.3 Guidelines for self-inspection in refurbishment. The definitions of the stepwise testing activities summarised in this deliverable are connected with an outlook on expected results in order to create thresholds for upcoming and foreseen validation activities on site and a validation of the INSITER methodology at the same time. These demonstration activities have been started at M36 according to the DoA -see overview of timing of testing activities below.

The results of life tests are documented in D5.5 Field demonstration report focusing on involving stakeholders in real demonstration cases -former D5.5 and D5.6 are merged into D5.5 (see revised DoA)- due at M45. Within the final review meeting it was decided to merge and update D5.4 and D5.5. The reason for merging is the harmonisation and the improved consistency of the contents as different demonstrators have been treated at different time slots meanwhile. Therefore, the description of contents for this deliverable is now summing up the contents of both deliverables.

The stakeholders have been integrated in the testing and monitoring activities at practical workshops that took place on site and besides real actions at life test building sites in order to gain qualified feedback on the performance of the INSITER tool and the methodology. All life test results of all demonstrators and related use cases will be cross-case analysed and benchmarked as a final analysis of results and highlighted in D5.7 Cross-case analysis and benchmarking as defined in the revised DoA due at M48.

The most important result of this merged deliverable D5.4 + D5.5 is the validation of the INSITER methodology as the final check of the software tools´ contents and the technical and timing preparation of onsite tests that have been performed at 6 demonstrators in Europe starting at M37. These demonstration projects are related to new construction, retrofitting and maintenance, as well and as additionally foreseen and already described in D5.3 the important finishing prefab-process at the DRAGADOS factory. Nevertheless the check of the final performance of the buildings and the positive impact of self-inspection addressing the following aspects: Building physics analysis; reliability of structure; preferred materials and their assembly demands; and indoor climate have not been embedded in D5.4.

The reason for merging and updating the deliverable is the delay in terms of availability of sites at the right time. The above mentioned aspects are documented in this merged deliverable, now.

The quality of final prefabrication as a result caused by the interaction between modelling and finishing prefab activities at factory level and the correlated site delivery and logistics have been identified as the most relevant quality assurance problems causing extra ineffective efforts and poor quality performance. The overview of the current projects shows the variety of testing activities -size, type, use, country- foreseen and the proof of the application feasibility of the INSITER tool and methodology from the perspective of the practical application at the prefab factory and the use on building sites of different kinds in various European countries. Read more in the download:


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