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​​​DWA B.V.​

DWA​ is an independent consultancy  firm (SME), founded in 1986 and operating from four branches throughout the Netherlands. 110 professionals are active in both the built environment and industry, especially where the environment, climate and energy are concerned. A company big enough to have all relevant disciplines in-house, where clients are helped to formulate their ambitions in the field of living, working and production and to realise them in a sustainable way and further to achieve solutions that save energy and are innovative, environmentally friendly and high-quality – as well as being comfortable, practical, elegant, safe and healthy. DWA supports policy-making, exploration and design, financing, implementation, maintenance and exploitation


​​​Main roles in INSITER

  • T1.1 and T1.3: Being responsible as leader of T1.3 to develop self-inspection methods, quantitative analysis, and techniques based on professional expertise and field experience as designer and engineer of energy and comfort systems and inspection specialist of MEP/HVAC systems with the use of measurement and diagnostic instruments.
  • T3.2: Enhancement and integration of software tools for energy assessment and self-inspection in connection with BIM.
  • T4.1: Input of data regarding energy and comfort systems for BIM modelling.
  • T5.2 and T5.3: Taking real projects (sites) and performing field validation and demonstration. 
  • T6.1, T6.2 and T6.3: Input to standardisation in MEP/HVAC engineering and performance measurement; publications in professional journals, workshops and presentation to professional associations; development of exploitation strategy and plan.
  • T7.2: Active participation in management meetings (general assembly); fulfilment of all obligations for reporting.

​​​Key persons involved

​​​​Mr Hans Buitenhuis, MSc (male/ research director), has over 25 years of experience as project manager, senior consultant and director at DWA. He was involved in several key projects in the introduction of geothermal energy and heat pumps in the Netherlands. He has experience in the development of calculation tools for sustainable energy systems, like heat pumps, heat exchangers and energy storage in the ground, and the initiation and supervision of research projects on sustainable energy systems. He is also experienced in developing and teaching courses on energy concepts and sustainable building.

Hans Buitenhuis.jpg

​​Mr Gaby Abdalla (male), completed three master studies: Structural Design, Construction Management & Engineering and Decision & Design Support Systems. In 2012, Gaby has finished his PhD research titled ‘Sustainable Residential Districts: The residents’ role in project success’ focusing on project success of sustainable dwellings from both the management as well as the psychological aspect. He has been involved in research projects at the national as well as the international level in the field of BIM, multi-criteria building design optimization, building simulation and Energy monitoring. Some of those projects are: CAMPUS-21, HESOMS, HOLISTEEC, De Stroomversnelling & Gebieden EnergieNeutraal.​

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Mr Tim Tijsma (male), completed the study building physics and services at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Tim has experience in the field of research & development and HVAC engineering. For the project INSITER, Tim will work on WP1 developing self-inspection and self-instruction processes and documents. ​

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