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  • ​​​​​27-29/06/2018: International Conference Sustainable Places 2018 in, Aix-les Bains, France​

Sebastian, R. Olivadese, R., Piaia, E., Di Giulio, R., Braun, J. Riexinger, G. Connecting the knowhow of design, production and construction professionals through Mixed Reality. Presentation of the abstract available here​. 

D’ Oca, S., Ferrante, A., Ferrer, C., Pernetti, R., Gralka, A., Sebastian, R., op’t Veld, P.  Technical, Financial, and Social Barriers and Challenges in Deep Building Renovation: Integration of Lessons Learned from the H2020 Cluster Projects This publication has been published in Buildings as part of the Special Issue Heroes of Zero—Implementing the Lessons Learned from Pilot Programs towards Achieving Low-Energy or No Waste in Buildings, Communities, and Cities. 

  • ​​​​​​28-30/06/2017: International Conference Sustainable Places 2017 (SP 2017) in Middlesbrough, UK

Hernández, J. L., Lerones, P. M., Bonsma, P., van Delft, A., Deighton, R., & Braun, J. D. (2018). An IFC Interoperability Framework for Self-Inspection Process in Buildings​​. Buildings 8(2), 32;  doi:10.3390/buildings8020032

  • ​​4-8/07/2016: International Conference on Quantitative InfraRed Thermography (QUIRT 2016) in Gda​n​sk, Poland

Revel, G., Copertaro, E., Chiariotti, P., Pandarese, G., & D’Antuono, A. (2016). Stationary Wavelet ​Transform for denoising Pulsed Thermography data: optimization of wavelet parameters for enhancing defects detection​ Poland, ISBN: 978-83-917681-1-2.​ More details​

  • ​​​7-8/04/2016: SBE 16- Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2016 - Transition ZERO (Utrecht, the Netherlands)​

Opstelten, I., Rovers, R., Verdeyen & Andy Wagenaar, N., & Wagenaar, A. (2016). INSITER Self-Inspection Method and Instruments to Ensure Optimal Performance of Prefab Retrofitting Solutions​. page 33​. Sustaina​ble Built Environment: Transition Zero​. In SBE16 Conference. Utrecht. More details​

  • ​​​​​​​28/05/2015: International conference on the construction: Material and BIM- CITC-8 Construction in the 21st Century, Changing the Field: Recent Developments for the Future of Engineering and Construction. Thessaloniki, Greece​.

Sebastian, R., Damen, T., van Delft, A., Revel, G., D'Antuono, A., & Martarelli, M. (2015). Intuitive Self-Inspection Techniques based on BIM for Energy-efficient Buildings​: EU Horizon 2020 Research Project INSITER​. In Eighth International Conference on Construction in the 21st Century (CITC-VIII). Thessaloniki, Greece. M​ore details​​​​​​​

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