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​Within the overall aim, there are a number of specific objectives that relate to the enhancement of the fucntionalities and capabilities of measurement and diagnostic instruments (like portable 3D laser scanners, thermal imaging cameras, acoustic and vibration detectors, real-time sensors) by means of a smart Application Programming Interface (API) and data integration with a cloud-based Building Information Model (BIM). The triangulation of Geospatial Information, Global and Indoor Positioning Systems (GIS, GPS, IPS) will support accurate and comprehensive Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR).

​​INSITER has 3 major scientific and technological (S/T) objectives:​

Objective 1

To eliminiate the gaps in quality and energy-performance between design and realisation of  energy-efficient buildings (EeB) made of prefabricated components, by connecting the virtual model and the physical building on site in real-time  through Augmented Reality (AR) for self-inspection during construction, refurbishment and maintenance.​

Objective 2

To develop innovative INSITER Systems- a set of intuitive, robust and cost-effective hardware and software for self-inspection by workers and other stakeholders during off-site and on-site working processes.​

O​bjective 3

To develop an innovative INSITER Methodology, which consists of protocols and guidelines for self-inspection and self-instruction that enable workers of general contractors and subcontractors, site supervisors, technical experts, quality auditors, clients and building occupants to use the methodology with the supporting INSITER Systems (hardware and software).​​

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