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Objective 3

This objective will be achieved by:

  • Systematically identifying critical bottlenecks and most frequent errors during on-site processes; defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for new construction, refurbishment and maintenance; and developing new self-inspection techniques for building and MEP/HVAC components using INSITER Systems.
  • Generating and standardising BIM-based self-inspection and self-instruction techniques and for construction workers, i.e. a step-by-step 3D interactive action plan for each group of workers, along with self-inspection validation of the results. This includes guidelines for implementing INSITER Systems (hardware and software), as well as protocols for digital communication, authorisation and decision-making between all stakeholders for error prevention, review and recovery during construction / refurbishment / maintenance, commissioning, and project delivery /handover.
  • Training and self-instruction to create awareness and shared responsibilities in the whole value-chain of buildings based on prefab components, involving the general contractors, subcontractors, construction workers, suppliers, building owners and occupants to fully achieve quality targets, avoid energy-performance loss, time and budget overrun, and to assure improved health and safety conditions on construction sites.​

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