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​​​​​​Dragados S.A.

​​Dragados​ belongs to the ACS Group which carries out its Construction activities through an extensive group of companies. Dragados, the lead company in this area, is specialised in all types of infrastructure and has extensive history in carrying out projects in Spain and continue to expand its international activity being present in several countries: United States, Canada, Poland, UK, etc.  Dragados’ building construction area represents 20% of its business (2011 data). However, business activity related to buildings is decreasing each year due to the current crisis. Therefore, Dragados has been exploring for years new paths in the buildings area such as energy efficient retrofitting projects and building energy monitoring and management projects.  

​​​​​​Main roles in INSITER

  • T1.1, T1.2 and T1.3: Embedding self-inspection methods and techniques at various technical levels of construction projects with the collaborative working systems of general contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers.
  • T2.1: Applying and verifying the prototypes of process simulation and Augmented Reality to support contractor's working processes.
  • T3.1 and T3.2: Providing real experience with software tools for construction scheduling and cost planning, and supporting the development of advanced tools in this area; applying and verifying the prototypes of integrated software for quality and performance assessment.
  • T4.1: Input of execution details to the construction sites, specificities of the building project for BIM modelling.
  • T5.1, T5.2 and T5.3: Being responsible as leader of T5.3 to coordinate field demonstrations; being the key contributor to lab testing by providing physical prototypes and mock-ups at factory facility; deploying hardware instruments for self-inspection in field validations and demonstrations; selecting real buildings/ factory mock-ups in which construction processes are taking place and enable the interaction between the real on-site work and the INSITER work in order to use and demonstrate the developed tools.
  • T6.1, T6.2 and T6.3: Providing input to development of training modules by based on technical on-site knowhow as well as direct involvement of the target groups for training (construction workers and subcontractors); acting as a link to ENCORD (European association of construction firms) and the Spanish and European Platform; coordinating at least 2 publications that are industry oriented; taking part in the development of the exploitation plan. 
  • ​T7.1: Active participation in management meetings (general assembly); fulfilment of all obligations for reporting.


​Key persons involved​

​​Mr Carlos Barcena (male), works for the R&D Directorate at DRAGADOS since 2005. He is experienced in coordinating national R&D projects (INVISO, LINEO, RATIO) and collaborating in European R&D projects (ManuBuild, I3CON, TAILORCRETE, DIRECTION, PERFORMER) based on renewable energy integration, energy efficiency enhancement, industrialization of the construction process, building sustainability and software development for industrial applications. 

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Mr Miguel Segarra (male), has graduated in 2005 from the UPM as Industrial Engineer. He has participated and coordinated many international and national RTD projects. Also, he is co-author of several books, magazine papers, conference papers and has taken part in numerous international lectures.​

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