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HOCHTIEF ViCon is a leading consultant and service provider for virtual construction and Building Information Modelling (BIM). In many building and infrastructure projects ViCon has supported clients and projects with its state-of-the art software and hardware solutions, training sessions and field-tested processes and has supplied project-specific standards to support the BIM Implementation on project or enterprise level. As BIM consultants, Hochtief ViCon is involved in various projects in Europe, Middle East, North Africa and North America. ViCon's online production systems offer solutions for the integrated data management of building and infrastructure projects, a.o.:

Full integration of general project information, live status data.

Target/actual comparison of quality requirements, time scheduling.

Mobile data entry using handhelds and standardize reports/forms.

User-defined reporting and analysis tools. 

​​Main roles in INSITER

  • T2.1: Supporting the development and verifying the prototypes of process simulation and AR to support contractor's working processes in connection with BIM.
  • T3.1: Being responsible as leader of T3.1 to further develop planning and cost monitoring software for self-inspection, connected with BIM and process simulation.
  • T4.1: Being responsible as leader of WP4 as a whole and T4.1 in particular to develop BIM models containing components, buildings and sites, which serve as the basis for process modelling and Augmented Reality, as well as the data model for the selected hardware and software tools.
  • T5.1: Performing model checking and clash detection in BIM for virtual testing/validation.
  • T6.1, T6.2 and T6.3: Providing input to development of training modules and being a linking-pin to ENCORD (European association of construction firms); publications in professional journals, workshops and presentation to academia and professional associations; development of exploitation strategy and plan.
  • T7.1 and T7.2: Being responsible for inter-WP integration together with other WP leaders and coordinators; active participation in management meetings (general assembly); fulfilment of all obligations for reporting. 

​Key persons involved

Mr Jan-Derrick Braun​ (male), has made his Master of Engineering at the Ruhr-University of Bochum (Germany) in 2003 – course specializations- environment engineering and information technology in civil engineering.  Until 2005 he worked for the Taiwan Hi​ghspeed Rail Project as an engineer on site. Since 2005 he is been working at ViCon, where he became a Project Manager in 2007. He led the research and development project “Intelligent road traffic infrastructure using 3d models and RFID tags” (initiated by the German Federal Highway Research Institute “Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen” (BASt) in 2012/13). He is currently the Project Manager of BIM services for Lusail Project (infrastructure project in Qatar) at ViCon Headquarters in Essen, Germany. Further core competencies are the implementation of BIM on projects, model QM, Clash Detection, BIM management and mobile forms/mobile devices.


​Mr​ Robin Bougardier ​(male), has graduated from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Civil Engineering with emphasis on structural engineering. He shifted his focus to Information Technology and works in the field of Building Information Modeling since 2013. With his programming skills and knowledge of IT processes, he helps setting up technical infrastructure and finding custom solutions for projects. He supports the BIM project management implementing BIM in projects and companies, mainly being involved in a BIM implementation project for a plant manufacturing company. Core competencies are data acquisition with mobile forms, connecting data to a 3D model and data management.


Elisa Dwyer ​(female), is Marketing Manager at HOCHTIEF ViCon. She graduated in European Business Studies with focus on Marketing and Event Management. In 2014 Elisa joined HT ViCon Qatar as Marketing and Business Development Manager to strengthen the market position in the operating regions, such as Middle East, Australia, UK and parts of Europe. She implemented an aligned marketing strategy for all branches and communication channels, driving business development through various marketing activities and international industry events. In 2017 Elisa made the move to Germany additionally supporting the BIM Professional and the INSITER marketing activities.


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