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RDF Ltd.​ is a software company specialized in the area of parametric geometry and Semantic Web. The main work comprises of the development of complex kernels/components for other software companies and prototype end-user applications in case the target area is new and not well covered by other software companies. Typical examples of work done by RDF is the handling of 3D storage and operations (Constructive Solid Geometry, Generated Parametric Geometry) for component libraries, fast and stable parsers and reasoners for Semantic Web standards. RDF Ltd. is performing internal research and development in the focus areas of 'Parametric Geometry' and 'Semantic Web'. This includes work on reasoners on Semantic Web ontologies/knowledge but also parametric extensions of modern standards based on longer existing technologies like STEP, including AP203, AP214 and IFC (see also parametric IFC editor). This research is feeding/improving and financed by a small set of technical components that require license fees and support by other software companies using these components. Components created and supported by RDF are used by software vendors all over the world, Europe, United States, Asia and Australia.


​​Main roles in INSITER​

  • T3.1 and T3.2: Co-leader of both tasks with substantial contribution in software enhancement, development of ​​interfaces between tools, and data management in relation to BIM.
  • T4.1: Interfacing the software tools with BIM; supporting BIM checking and practical investigation on modelling for self-inspection.
  • T4.2: Being responsible as the task leader to develop and deploy inter-operability solutions for BIM data, data for the software, as well as data obtained by measurement and diagnostic equipment.
  • T5.1 Virtual testing and validation based on BIM models.
  • T6.1, T6.2 and T6.3: Input to standardisation in BIM; publications in professional and scientific journals, workshops and presentation to academia and professional associations; development of exploitation strategy and plan.
  • T7.2: Active participation in management meetings (general assembly); fulfilment of all oblogations and reporting.  

​​Key persons involved​

​​​Mr Peter Bonsma (male), is the co-owner of RDF Ltd. and the technical architect of the components developed by RDF Ltd. He has a degree in technical mathematics. After working for many years on mathematical optimization algorithms and compiler development his focus changed to geometry and ICT standardization. Mr Bonsma developed the basis of several ISO standards/proposals and is part of the Model Support Group of IFC, one of the main standards in the building and construction area. With more than 12 years of experience in geometry standards and development of a commercially used real time CSG algorithm, as well as a long history in Semantic Web, he is now focused as technical architect on complex technical components for other software companies.

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Mrs Iveta Victorova Bonsma (female), is the co-owner of RDF Ltd. and the operational manager of RDF Ltd. Mrs Bonsma has more than 12 years of experience as a software developer and a Linux system administrator. Has years of experience as an IT manager and software development project manager. She is currently leading the research and development of parametric modelling. ​

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