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​​​​​​​​​Stichting Instituut voor Studie en Stimulering van Onderzoek op het gebied van gebouwinstallaties

​​The ISSO  Foundation is a small non-profit organisation. Nine employees are  professional engineers with at least 10 years of experience in the field of knowledge transfer, production of technical guidelines, publications etc. related to Building Services, Energy and Indoor environment. In order of the Dutch Government ISSO made in collaboration with several other experts the technical procedures and tools for the national Energy Performance Certificate (EPBD) and tailored  energy-advice. ISSO is an acknowledged leader in this process area. The organisation develops the technical procedure for controlling the quality of Energy Performance on new buildings. ISSO is the initiator of controlling the Energy Performance of products /systems that are used in buildings to get a better Energy Performance for that building. ISSO is the Dutch representative  for developing the European  EPBD-standards. Employees from ISSO are member of WG 371 Program committee (chairman), CEN TC 228 Heating systems in buildings and CEN TC 156 Ventilation systems in buildings.  

​​Main roles in INSITER​

  • T1.3: Co-leader of T1.3 to develop quantitative methods and self-inspection techniques for MEP/HVAC components with the use measurement and diagnostic instruments.
  • T4.2: Defining the approach for generating self-instruction modules based on BIM.
  • T5.2 and T5.3: Taking real projects (sites) and performing field validation and demonstration.
  • T6.1, T6.2 and T6.3: Being responsible as leader of WP6 as a whole and T6.1 in particular; leading the development of training modules in conjunction with Build Up Skills EU programme; input to standardisation in installation and maintenance of MEP/HVAC systems; publications in professional journals, workshops and presentation to professional associations; development of exploitation strategy and plan.
  • T7.1 and T7.2: Being responsible for inter-WP integration together with other WP leaders and coordinators;active participation in management meetings (general assembly); fulfilment of all obligations for reporting.​​​​


​​​​Key persons involved​

Mr Jan Cromwijk, MSc (male), is an educational technologist and Project leader working for more than 9 years in the building sector (focus on building services and energy systems). He is the Project leader of IEE-project Build Up Skills. He coordinates, writes and edits teaching materials for initial and post-initial education, coaches on didactics of experts writing teaching materials and qualification schemes. In addition, he created learning networks focussed on craftsmanship in the building sector. 

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​Mr ​Kees Arkestijn (male), works at ISSO on various projects from the initial phase to the entire management of the project. He is the author and coordinator of the Dutch procedures for the EPBD Energy Certificate, is a specialist of the national helpdesk concerning Energy Certificate and Energy advising and focuses on sustainable development (assessment methods and tools). Responsible for the Dutch inspection methods for the  EPBD Energy Certificate for existing buildings and new buildings as well for the Dutch inspection method Energy Performance district heating and cooling. His international expertise lays on being the technical expert in working group ‘CEN/TC 371/WG 1, WG4 and member of TC 228 EPBD Standards group and as technical expert in the project CENSE: Leading the CEN Standards on Energy performance of buildings to practice. He is a member of the national advisory and normalisation committees (NEN) in the field of building physics and energy in buildings and in the same time, a member of the Dutch national committee ‘ Building regulations’. He coordinates the ISSO publication on designing heat pumps in dwellings, designing ground sources for heat pumps; and designing Thermally active building systems (TABS).

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​Mr Arjan Broers, BSc (male) studied Mechanical Engineering and has a degree in advanced Building Services Engineering and Real Estate Consult. He has worked at a major Building Consultancy and also as an entrepreneur. His experience is in the field of Energy Performance and Indoor Environmental Quality for buildings from the HVAC point of view. In 2015 he has joined ISSO to work on INSITER, mainly in Work Package 1 and 5, where self-inspection protocols for MEP/HVAC systems are being developed and tested.​

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