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O​bjective 2

​​​​This objective will be achievbed by:​

  • ​​​Substantial advancement of the functionality and usability of measurement and diagnostic instruments (e.g. portable 3D laser scanners, thermal imaging cameras, acoustic and vibration detectors, real-time sensors) by developing dedicated solutions for robust and efficient interfacing and combined use of equipment, as well as wireless control and easy operation through users’ mobile devices.
  • Radically enlarging the capabilities of measurement and diagnostic equipment for self-inspection  by means of smart Application Programming Interface (API) and cloud-based data integration into Building Information Model (BIM), as well as improved accuracy of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) based on the triangulation of Geospatial Information, Global and Indoor Positioning Systems (GIS, GPS and IPS).
  • Effectively interfacing and creating open inter-operability between software tools for self-inspection and condition assessment of building systems and energy – comfort systems, accessible as cloud-based applications, and embedded in the Building Maintenance Systems (BMS), Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), Building Automation Systems (BAS), and Facility Asset Management Systems (FAMS).​

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