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D4.4 BIM-based Self-Instruction models for mobile devices


This report is accompanying the software concerning (offline) 3D self-instruction content on mobile devices. The real deliverable is the software itself, links to this developed software are available within this report. This report is divided in two major parts: 

  • state-of-the-art research 
  • instructions for creating self-instruction content 

The State-of-the-Art research gives an overview of what is currently available to the public concerning online self-instruction content from the commercial companies. In this part the documentation from large companies with expected high budgets for creating such content has been analysed. Typical companies, clearly focused to such content as a base for their business case are companies like IKEA, toy manufacturers like LEGO and CUBORO. As soon as they based their solutions on the customer taking place in the process of the product installation, they clearly put a lot of effort in research how to present the instructions to the end user. For them is a major task to enable very clear and unambiguous solutions for self-instruction manuals. That is why their approach and experience was considered as important start point in the creating of self-instruction content. Next to the named larger companies and their solutions also input from smaller companies focussing on professionals has been reviewed for completeness. Functionality found in the different solutions has been embedded as much as possible in the 3D self-instruction solution from INSITER. Clearly the 3D self-instruction solution will not replace the PDF documents, especially when we are looking at professionals. However the solution from INSITER gives a more clearly interactive view on the task to be completed and seems to be unique till this point of time. The issue on visualization of the self-instruction content is solved and working at a high TRL level. It can be used offline, on virtually any mobile device or computer and is fast and flexible. The complex part however is how to create the content. To enable this an existing solution has been adapted to ensure support for modelling processes, the eventual results can be converted by a dedicated converter and published online. The real deliverable 4.4 is however the software, the software for creation on self-instruction content as well as the software to publish it online. The software as well as several examples can be found on the INSITER internal SharePoint.


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