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​D1.2: INSITER Guidelines for new construction


The main goal of the INSITER project is to improve building energy efficiency in the sector of new construction and refurbishment through detecting and preventing quality and performance gaps between the design and the construction of buildings mostly made of prefab components. This objective is to be achieved adopting: 

  • “Self-Instruction methods” for construction workers in order to prevent construction errors and, 
  • “Self-Inspection methods” for construction workers and supervisors in order to detect construction errors. These methods are supported by BIM-based software tools, Augmented Reality and 3D measurement instruments. 

In order to meet the above-mentioned objective, the INSITER project proposes two reports which introduces the “INSITER Guidelines”, that are the basis to develop the structure and the logic of the software tools: 

  • Deliverable 1.2: INSITER guidelines for new construction; 
  • Deliverable 1.3: INSITER guidelines for refurbishment. 

The INSITER guidelines are: 

  1. practical guiding principles for the application of INSITER self-instruction and self-inspection methods, in order to meet the project goals and obtain an increase in the level of quality and energy efficiency on site. In other words, the “INSITER Guidelines” are the synthesis of the knowledge developed in INSITER, and the bridge to bring research knowledge into practical implementation. 
  2. 2. principles of application and implementation of practical contents to realize the “8-Step INSITER methodology” referring to demonstration cases concerning the 9 main critical components (building and MEP-HVAC) that most influence the energy performance of buildings as presented and analysed in previous D1.4 and D1.6. 

The 8-Step INSITER methodology is one of the main innovations proposed by INSITER and was initially presented in the project proposal. Progressive insight during research further evolved the 8-step INSITER methodology, attributed to refocusing aligned with the primary setting of INSITER in the construction/refurbishment stage....

Read the complete summary in the pdf download:


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