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​D1.3: INSITER Guidelines for refurbishment


Numerous studies have revealed that problems related to performance gap between the calculated annual energy consumption and the actual measured annual energy consumption is due to the fact that, quality is not assured in construction. While quality control has to do with the product, quality assurance is all about processes to be followed correctly. Quality assurance practices in construction should help to ensure that the end result of the projects is consistent with the design and implementation planning. This includes also ensuring that the methods followed to complete projects are safe and that workers on-site are protected from any failures or accidents, while poor workmanship is prevented. The scope of Task 1.1 of INSITER - with D1.2 and D1.3 reports as results - is to treat comprehensively the lessons learned from past performance studies and put together practical guidelines under a common methodological framework (the INSITER 8-step Methodology) that seeks to the maintenance of construction quality process-wise.

The main purpose of the research study within this deliverable is to develop a quality assurance tool applicable to the construction phase that guides the construction worker through his daily on-site activities, while giving him indications and hints of mistakes to be avoided that could potentially lead to energy efficiency related shortcomings. This aim is to be achieved by Self-Instruction and Self-Inspection methods, supported by BIM-based software tools, Augmented Reality, and 3D measurement instruments. In this context, the “INSITER Guidelines” are practical guiding principles for applying the developed knowledge within INSITER.

In this Deliverable, the INSITER Guidelines for refurbishment projects are described. The context differentiates to Guidelines for self-inspection in new buildings (D1.2.), while the retrofitting approach is described in Guidelines for self-inspection in refurbishment (D1.3), anticipating the different needs of new and existing buildings respectively.

The adaptation in the construction reality of such quality assurance framework and tool, envisions construction workers that receive regular training and education on best practices and the introduced new technologies within INSITER. Therefore, it is critical to create a professional culture that encourages such framework.


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