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​D6.1 Training modules and pilot training courses


This deliverable is part of work package 6 ‘Training, communication, dissemination and exploitation’. It is documenting developed training materials and their application within INSITER. Training materials for awareness creation and training materials supporting the usage and implementation of INSITER tools have been developed. Furthermore, a summary from the work done on integration of self-instruction within the BIM-model and the use of Augmented reality is given. This deliverable concludes with progress in the development of an INSITER learning community of practice that supports development and dissemination after project duration.

INSITER developed a new methodology for self-inspection during construction, refurbishment, maintenance and commissioning, along with a dedicated toolset. The INSITER Methodology, consist of protocols and guidelines for self-inspection and self-instruction that enable workers of general contractors and subcontractors, site supervisors, technical experts, quality auditors, clients and building occupants to use the methodology with the supporting INSITER Systems (hardware and software). The INSITER dissemination strategy relies on a ‘hands-on approach’ to stimulate a steep learning curve, by focusing on creating awareness and learning-on-the-job. Training modules and accompanying materials are developed in direct relation with the developed tools, real case studies, field demonstration and pilot projects.

The following knowledge transfer means have been developed.

1. Trainings and workshops dedicated to awareness development in the involved value chain. With the aim to actively involve all project sub-contractors and their on-going projects and partners.

2. Trainings and workshops dedicated to self-inspection and use of advanced portable systems With the aim to train & support users of the developed INSITER tools and to implement the INSITER tools within the building process.

3. Integration of on-site self-instruction content-objects within the BIM-model With the aim to deliver self-instruction Just-in-Time (within the building process) and Just-in-Place (to the right person(s) and the right BIM-objects or BIM-elements involved)

4. Use of Augmented Reality (AR) for on-site self-instruction purposes Augmented Reality (AR) is applied with the aim to deliver object specific related content within the AR-environment.

5. Development of a community of practice around INSITER To enable train the trainer schemes and addition of self-inspection to the qualification schemes we use the in BUILD UP Skills projects developed methodology for composing so called didactic matrices. The within INSITER developed training content on self-inspection and the use of INSITER is disseminated using the Learning Management System (LMS) of aNewSpring and the BUILD UP Skills advisor app. INSITER has used the available BUILD UP community for dissemination purposes.

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Annex 2 Awareness training INSITER and quality assurance

Annex 3a Ultrasoon en Ultragrafie metingen

Annex 3b Ultrasound and Ultragraphic Measurement

Annex 4 implementation training

Annex 5 implementation training Syllabu

Annex 6 INSITER presentation Workshop Enschede

Annex 7 INSITER and quality assurance

Annex 8 INSITER Qualification on BIM enabled Quality Assurance 

Annex 9  INSITER Process Chart

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