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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Deliverable Reports

​​Below you can find all available deliverable reports prepared so far within INSITER project.​​​​

​Deliverable D1.1:​ Best practices and existing shortcomings

Deliverable D1.2: Guidelines for new construction

Deliverable D1.3: Guidelines for refurbishment

Deliverable D1.4: Analytical methods for building components

Deliverable D1.5: Measuring and diagnosis solutions for inspecting building components

Deliverable D​1.6​​: Analytical methods for MEP-HVAC

Deliverable D1.7: Measuring and diagnosis solutions for inspecting MEP-HVAC components

Deliverable D3.1: Functional Program of Requirements for planning and cost

Deliverable D3.3​: Functional Programme of Requirements for building quality and energy assessment software

​Deliverable D4.1​: BIM (aggregate models and whole models) of new and existing buildings including the construction sites  

Deliverable D4.3: Framework for BIM, hardware and software data inter-operability

Deliverable D4.4: BIM-based Self-Instruction models for mobile devices

Deliverable D5.1: Lab test protocols and set-up ​

​Deliverable D5.2​: Lab test report and recommendations​

Deliverable D5.3: Case study elaboration, field validation protocols, and equipment calibration

Deliverable D5.4 en 5.5: Field validation an demonstratration set up

Deliverable D5.7: Cross-case analysis and benchmarking

Deliverable D6.1: Training modules and pilot training courses

Deliverable D6.2:  Recommendations for standardisation

Executive Summaries

Deliverable D3.2  Integrated software toolset

Deliverable D4.1 BIM of new and existing buildings

Deliverable D4.2 Model checking, Clash detection and Value engineering 

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