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Last Review Meeting M48

October 2018
Brussels, Belgium

The INSITER story may have reached the finish line but in practice it will serve as a base and reference system for the construction sector in preventing errors on site.

Stakeholder Workshop at DRAGADOS Factory (Seville, Spain)

25- 26 September
Seville, ES

​​The INSITER Construction Workshop in Seville, ES will take place on 25- 26 th of September 2018 and will be hosted by the INSITER partner, Dragados. The idea of this workshop is to check the INSITER tool against reality and collecting the feedback from the stakeholders participating. The workshop will have a two-fold approach: for construction workers (a more practical approach) and for the managers, architects, engineers (a more theoretical approach). The on-site activities will take place at Dragados Factory in Seville.

Technical progress review meeting (M42)

28-30 May 2018
Enschede, the Netherlands

​The last 5 months of the project have started and the emphasis is now more and more on the implementation and application of the INSITER tools and solutions in practice. In this context a Stakeholder Workshop​ has taken place one day before (28th of May) where the participation of various organisations and industrial partners was very valuable in determining how the INSITER solutions could be matched with real challenges.

In the light of the new insights and developed solutions within the project, a second ESS (Exploitation Strategy Seminar) was organized on 30 of May together with expert, Peter Moran. He highlighted crucial actions needed to be taken gradually by interested partners at this point, until the end of the project and beyond.

Consortium meeting at month 36

29 November - 1 December 2017
Essen, Germany

M36_bird-view2_2017-11-30.jpg​The INSITER story has entered its last year of research. By the end of the year 2018, the INSITER project will have reached its final, tangible results. The 7th th General Assembly meeting of INSITER at Month 36 took place in Essen, Germany (at HOCHTIEF ViCon's headquarters) and marked the entering of the last year of the project. The main addressed matters regarded the updates on progress and developments within the Work Packages and the preparation for the next Review Meeting in Enschede, the Netherlands, in May 2018.

Main deliberations highlighted challenges regarding the Guidelines implementation into INSITER toolsets and draw of a common integration strategy towards INISTER solutions. In addition, as dissemination and exploitation in the 4th year of the project is crucial, agreements were made regarding the organization of a second Exploitation Strategy Seminar during the M42 Review Meeting in Enschede.​

Review meeting at month 30

29-30 May 2017
Brussels, Belgium


On the 29 and 30 of May 2017, the sixth Consortium Meeting and also the second Review Meeting of the INSITER project took place in Brussel, Belgium. Members of all fourteen project partners came together for a personal exchange of expertise, best practice, state of the art and progress in the individual work packages and to present their work from the last months to the European Commission. The Consortium was also very happy to welcome Mr. Jose Riesgo Villanueva, INSITER’S Project Adviser from the European Commission and EC reviewer, Prof. Gabrielle Willbold Lohr, who joined the meeting as well. 

Hereunder some impressions of the practical session using the Microsoft HoloLens and Siemens SoundBrush.​​


General Assembly Meeting at month 24

29 November - 1 December 2016
Ancona, Italy

​​​​​The INSITER story has reached the mid-term and is now over the half of its lifespan. Tangible results are becoming more and more visible and the INSITER consortium has become a real team. The successful meeting in Ancona marked this milestone and had as main goal the disclosure of concrete and actual results developed in the past few months. The consortium partners got an initial feel for the procedures and software that will be used in INSITER and have discussed the technological hurdles to be overcome in the next period. All partners have attended the meeting and enjoyed two nostalgic days sitting on the university benches of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences of the Polytechnic University delle Marche – our meeting venue.

The first day of the meeting started with addressing general project matters (management and financial), continued by five presentations consisting of five deliverable reports due at month 24. These reports summarize the most tangible results so far and set up a vision- and at the same time a framework- for the upcoming tasks and reports to be developed. On the second day of the meeting, the INSITER consortium was given the great opportunity to have a look behind the scenes at UNIVPM. Next to the insightful facility tour the consortium partners had a chance to watch the live demonstration given by the university team of the INSITER measurement procedures and tools for thermal, acoustic and air leakage identification. All this was demonstrated on the DRAGADOS mock-up panel installed in the UNIVPM laboratory.

Following the validation of the protocols' demonstration, the audience was captivated by the Fraunhofer developed Augmented Reality (AR) application visualizing various construction actions, such as, assembly processes or construction errors. For a minute or two, each partner had the chance to get in the shoes of a worker on site and tried out the AR tablet in order to identify where the acoustic leakages occur or got instructed on how the placement of the insulation panels must be done.

In this context, the BIM based mobile inspection application was demonstrated by DEMO Consultants. The BIM model of the INSITER use case of the Health Care Centre has been integrated in the iPad application and can now be easily accessed. This tool is not only visually attractive, but it is also and interactive one. Next to visualizing the building (in this case, the designed roof-top extension), the tool also displays data concerning the properties of its components, its construction and ongoing maintenance, while allowing the worker to monitor and adjust the information. Altogether, all the indispensable functionalities when performing self-inspection and self-instruction on site.

CM Ancona 2016.jpg

General Assembly Meeting at month 18

19-20 May 2016
Pisa, Italy

​The General Assembly meeting at month 18 of the project took place  in Pisa and was hosted by AICE. The meeting concentrated on the Intermediate Review and  Exploitation Strategy Seminar (ESS).

​​During the Review Meeting on the first day, all partners presented the technical progress and intermediate results related to the on-going work packages.

On the second day, the consortium was guided by an ESS Expert to discuss the exploitation intentions of the project results. 

GA Meeting in Pisa, 19-20 May 2016.jpg


General Assembly Meeting at month 12

9-11 December 2015
Cologne, Germany

​​The General Assembly meeting at month 12 of the project took place  in Cologne (hosted by the German partner in the consortium, 3L) and is closing officially the first year of the project in which the first milestones have been achieved. In this context, the meeting concentrated mainly on the reporting process of the first 12 months (both technical and financial).

The first day of the meeting pointed out the retrospective of the past 12 months regarding the technical progress and gave a quick view on the administrative procedures regarding the submission of both Technical and Financial report. At this point all WP are ongoing with the exception of WP5 (started at M6), however field demonstration cases are already being compiled.
Second day of the meeting represents the most intensive day consisting of real technical discussions on the focus and goals and direction of the project, practical visualizations and interactive learning of the technologies used in INSITER .
Based on the technical progress discussed the previous day, additional constructive discussions on defining the INSITER KPIs and use cases (Healthcare Centre Cologne, Germany, School complex in Pisa, Italy  and Cartif-3 demonstrator building, Valladolid, Spain) were held.  
The third day of the meeting is reserved for the pilot training prepared by the Dutch partner, ISSO followed by conclusions and agreements (follow-up actions). During this session, ISSO gave a sneak preview of the training materials developed so far. They will be designed to keep in line with the market development and in synergy with other similar European projects/ initiatives, such as: BuildUp Skills and PROF-Trac.
Based on previous discussions with the European Commission, it is suggested that the following consortium meeting at month 18 (taking place somewhere in May 2016) should combine two important elements:  One day reserved for the Review meeting and one day for an Exploitation Strategy Seminar (ESS). Further discussions on organizing the ESS will follow bilateral with the respective organization appointing the ESS expert and with the EC.​


General Assembly Meeting at month 6

6-8 May 2015
Madrid, Spain

​​​The first consortium meeting for INSITER was held in Madrid, Spain on the 6th-8th May 2015. All consortium partners gathered in the DRAGADOS Spanish headquarters in Madrid (see picture).

The goal of the meeting was to present the current status of the project and to come to a comprehensive understanding on how to go forward with the INSITER project and define actions and plan work activities for the next 6 months.
The first meeting day focused on the management and coordination of the project and the WP leaders presented the progress within their work package. The achieved results and the interactions between WPs were addressed and the planning for the future period has been defined.
During the next two days of the meeting, partners organised and attended various workshops on among others BIM, quality analysis, energy performance, dissemination and training and business plan for exploiting the project results. One workshop in particular introduced the potential four demonstration cases and two lab and factory facilities (testing lab UNIVPM in Ancona, Italy and the DRAGADOS factory in Seville, Spain) used in INSITER. These demonstration and test cases will provide the project with a connection to the building practice and improve the successful uptake and commercialization of the results of the project.​

First Consortium Meeting Madrid May 2015.jpg

The Kick-off meeting

10 December 2014
Delft, the Netherlands

​​​The kick-off meeting (KOM) of the INSITER project was held in Delft, the Netherlands on 10-12 December 2014. All consortium members were present.

There were 2 days in which not only the partners were able to get to know eachother better but the whole consortium could share their vision of the project.
In addition, the strategic aim, research goals and challenges that will come along the way were broadly and detailed addressed.
The last day of the meeting was reserved for plenary discussions for the work package leaders  as a result of the past 2 days where they have shared their ideas, approaches and proposed collaborations with other work packages.
We look back at a very succesful and enjoyable meeting together and we look forward to an upcoming research period full of high-quality achievements that will lead to a succesful implementation of the results.
  kick-off meeting.jpg

Pre kick-off meeting

16 October 2014
Delft, the Netherlands

​​​​​The pre kick-off meeting of the INSITER project took place on the 16th of October 2014. The project coordinator Ton Damen from DEMO Consultants welcomed the INSITER partners in Delft, the Netherlands. Among the present partners from the Consortium there were:

  • Roberto Di Giulio (IAA)
  • Klaus Luig (3L)
  • Gian Marco Revel (UNIVPM)
  • Milena Martarelli (UNIVPM)
  • Jan Tulke (HVC)
  • Peter Bonsma (RDF)
  • Jan Cromwijk (ISSO)
  • Karl Janssens (SISW)
  • Rizal Sebastian and André van Delft (DMO)


The group met to pre-launch this 4-year European sponsored project. At the meeting the project partners discussed mainly the global schedule of the project (workpackages and deliverables) and clarified the approach of this Horizon2020 framework project. Also the details of the content, responsibilities and outputs of the project were identified.

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