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ECTP Conference 2018, November 13-14, Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium

13-14 November 2018

Every two years, the ECTP (European Construction, built environment and energy efficient building Technology Platform) organises a conference that gathers all the members and non-members to discuss findings and share best practices from within the running H2020 European projects. The platform was launched in October 2004 by representatives from the construction sector and is consisting of industry-led stakeholders recognised by the EC as key actors in driving innovation and taking up on environmental challenges and European competitiveness. 

The 170 member organisations are coming from across the whole construction sector and the whole supply chain of the Built Environment, among which the three INSITER partners DRAGADOS, UNIVPM and CARTIF. 

Whithin this year’s theme High-tech Sustainable Built Environment nine different thematic sessions were organized next to plenary sessions to investigate and brainstorm about topics such as the industrialisation and digitalisation of the construction sector, materials and sustainability innovation in construction.

INSITER research project fitted perfectly in this context of fostering the collaboration among the different partners involved in construction and of simplifying the whole construction process reducing the gap between design and construction and increasing performances. 

In this last ECTP Conference 2018, the INSITER project was represented by consortium partner DEMO Consultants who participated at the conference with an exhibition booth. 

Stakeholder Workshop at DRAGADOS Factory (Seville, Spain)

September 2018

Several stakeholders and employees from DRAGADOS factory participated in this workshop and applied methodologies new and unknown to them, including the acoustic scanning devices and the use of AR hardware and software. The involved stakeholders included MEP specialised subcontractors, permanent and temporary factory white and blue collar staff, quality managers, the Factory Director and in particular, DRAGADOS Director of the Prefabrication Division attended some of the demonstrations.

The workshop included detailed presentations of the different demo cases carried out throughout the project and hands on trials where the different technologies were tried out by the workshop participants. 

After a short introductive training, the handling of the devices was intuitive and easy to learn. 

The use of AR and Acoustic Testing (through SoundBrush) was shown to practitioners in the Seville factory of DRAGADOS. Feedback taught us the positive attitude of the practitioners towards the new technology and the positive influence on quality. The key message consisted of an indescribable desire of simplifying processes through known and often utilised devices, making these processes working more fluently would lead to higher efficiency. 

All in all, the feedback and suggestions from the stakeholders showed generally high appreciation. The necessity of integrating this working method through new, modern and connected devices which facilitate the working process was strong. 

Sustainable places 2018​​ (SP2018, Aix-Les-Bains, France)

27-29 June 2018

What a great and successful edition of the Sustainable Places Conference​ in Aix-Les Bains, FR last June! And we are so proud to have been part of it again with our contribution during two workshops and presentation of the "to be submitted" paper.

This SP2018 edition was hosted by INES Research & Development in Chambery, France and aimed to foster innovative market solutions and empower synergies between Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB) and the interdependent smart grids, policies, construction actors, and forward-thinking communities. More than 165 delegates from different stakeholder segments representing countries all over the world participated, among which INSITER project as well. The symposium comprised several scientific posters being displayed, 13 clustering workshops organized (most notably 2 events organized by the European Commission, and an official public debate on the multiannual energy program), 8 presentation sessions of papers and briefings, as well as 8 keynote speeches delivered.​

INSITER Stakeholders Workshop

28 May 2018

​The INSITER Stakeholder workshop was a great and efficient hands-on experience where all participants were able to get a clear (and closer) picture of how the applications developed within INSITER (BIM-based Augmented Reality solution and Mobile App) work and are used for on-site activities (e.g.  Self-quality checks during construction).  These have been demonstrated live at the large-scale building renovation project in Enschede.

The live demonstration planned during the Stakeholder workshop consisted of two different demonstrations that allowed participants to experience from close by the INISTER developments. Thus, two groups were organised with the focus on demonstrating:  the Guideline App developed in INSITER while checking the glazed façade installation and the Augmented Reality application on MEP/HVAC installation using the HoloLens.

The organisations attending the workshop were:

  • Camelot Europe (NL)

  • BAM (NL)

  • Volker Wessels Digibase (NL)

  • Bruil Prefab (NL)

  • Brüninghoff (DE)

  • Mostostal (PL)

  • Plannen & Bauen 4.0. (DE)

  • Architectural Spies (BG)

  • European SME Builders Confederation (BE)

  • 13 BIS (FR)

The on-site live demonstration was followed by an interactive plenary setting engaging all stakeholders in discussing about the challenges and needs coming from practice and a practical session  on mapping and matching these with the INSITER solutions by making use of the Strategyzer value proposition canvas (Customer Pains & Gains versus Pain relievers & Gain creators). 

Link to movie of the on-site demonstration. 

See hereunder some impressions of the workshop.

Interactive sessionGuideline appGuideline appAugmented RealityAugmented Reality ​​

INSITER at the 51st CIRP Conference of Manufacturing systems (Stockholm, Sweden)

16-18 of May 2018

​The 51st CIRP CMS 2018, to be held at Waterfront Convention Centre in Stockholm, Sweden, from May 16 to 18, 2018 is collocated with the 8th Swedish Production Symposium (SPS 2018). The theme of the conference is "Smart Manufacturing". 

INSITER is represented in this conference by the paper on BIM-based mixed reality submitted from the consortium partners HOCHTIEF ViCon and Fraunhofer (from Germany).


The paper will be published by Elsevier.

For more information on the programme, submission, keynote speakers check the website of the conference:

Registration for attending the conference can still be done until 1st of April 2018.

Sustainable Places 2017 (Middlesbrough, UK)

28-30 June 2017

​​​INSITER will be present at the Sustainable Places 2017, the international conference on Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB) and smart grid innovations, taking place 28th-30th June, Teesside University, Middlesbrough, UK. Partner CARTIF together with RDF, HVC and DMO will together work on a paper for this Conference. The paper focuses on the main developments within WP3.

Sustainable Places 2017 (SP2017) will be publishing a special issue in the "BUILDINGS" journal (ISSN 2075-5309), and extended abstracts of ALL types (posters, presentations, conference papers, and workshop reports) in the upcoming ¨Proceedings" journal (ISSN 2504-3900).

Check for more information the conference here

​European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW, Brussels, Belgium)

19-25 June 2017

​​​​​EUSEW is a month-long series of activities to build a secure energy future for Europe. It brings together public authorities, private companies, NGOs and consumers to promote initiatives to save energy and move towards renewables for clean, secure and efficient power.

Launched in 2006 by the European Commission, the EUSEW is organised by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) in close cooperation with Directorate-General for Energy. 

Check for more information on the attendance possibilities on:


Sustainable Places 2016 (Anglet, France)

29 June-1 July 2016

​​​Sustainable Places 2016​ (SP2016) was the fourth iter​​ation of the annual international conference series created by the RESILIENT and PERFORMER European (FP7) projects.​ INSITER was presented within the Workoshop 11 titled “BUILT AS DESIGNED: New Technologies for Self-Inspection and Quality Checks on the Construc-tion Site”.

SBE 16- Sustainable Built Environment 2016 - Transition ZERO (Utrecht,the Netherlands)

7 April 2016

​​​The S​BE Confe​​rence series is considered to be the pre-eminent international conference on sustainable building and construction, promoted by the international organizations IISBE, CIB, UNEP-SBCI and FIDIC. The SBE16 ​​Utrecht conference aims to rally technology transition professionals in urban sustainability around a number of hot issues to promote international best practices in urban sustainability.

The title of the conference is ‘Transition ZERO’, and the main theme: ‘from Demonstrations to large-scale NET-Zero Refurbishment’.​​

Sustainable Places 2015 (Savona, Italy)

16-18 September 2015

​​The third edition of the Sustainable Places conference took place on September 16-18, 2015 at the University Campus of Savona, Italy. Sustainable Places 2015 (SP2015) received support from the European Commission (EC), BUILDUP, ECTP–E2BA, EIP-SCC (Eu-smartcities), EUbusiness, and Ideal-ist. SP2015 gathered institutional, researchers, and engineers, to question energy efficiency at building, district and city levels. ​A presentation titled: INSITER Objectives and Research Vision ​held by DEMO Consultants during workshop entitled Closing the Energy performance Gap.

Eighth International Conference on Construction in the 21st Century (CITC, Thessaloniki, Greece)

27-30 May 2015

INSITER project was presented at the Eighth International Conference on Construction in the 21st Century (CITC) in Thessaloniki, Greece. A paper named  ''Intuitive​​ Self-Inspection Techniques based on BIM for Energy-efficient Buildings​’’ was published by DEMO Consultants.​​

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