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The INSITER project addresses various types of buildings (e.g. residential, educational, office, recreational buildings) with the peculiarities of off-site and on-site environment. INSITER solutions will be tested, validated and demonstrated in real cases of new construction, refurbishments and maintenance projects. These cases are briefly summarised and visualised here under. If you have trouble viewing the models click here​.


​Health Care Centre in Cologne, Germany 

Project summary: Roof-top extension with the use of lightweight prefabricated external walls for high performance thermal and sound insulation.

Involvement of INSITER partner(s): Building owner, design and engineering, supervision of the construction process and monitoring after-wards.

​​​School Complex in Pisa, Italy

Project summary: Refurbishment for substantial improvement of functional and energy-performance of an old school complex.

Involvement of INSITER partner(s): Mapping, condition assessment, engineering and supervision during renovation.

CARTIF-3 lab and office building​​ in Valladolid, Spain

Project summary: Performance monitoring of the new building after delivery and development of maintenance plan.

Involvement of INSITER partner(s): Building owner and user, controlling the sustainability performance during occupation and maintenance.

​​University building in Enschede, the Netherlands

Project summary: Deep renovation and transformation from university building to student accomodation and conference facility. Substantial improvement of energy label.

Involvement of INSITER partner(s):​ In synergy with EU research project P2ENDURE.

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