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​​​​​​​​​​​Work Package 1 

This work package is led by Partner Ipostudio Architetti (IAA). The aim is to develop a main process framework as well as detailed guidelines for self-inspection and self-instruction techniques during construction, refurbishment and maintenance process.


Research in this WP will be carried out within the following areas:

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) and parameters addressing quality and energy performance level, including the most effective quantitative methods to analyse them. The parameters are for instance: thermal bridges, air leakages, imaging of U-Value distribution, acoustic leakages, vibration transmissibility from MEP/HVAC. The measurement systems considered can be grouped in three main areas: thermal/imaging, acoustic/vibration, positioning/sensing. The data provided by the different sensing technologies will be then integrated to give combined 3D information.

Generic and particular techniques to:​

  • ​​perform self-inspection and to provide self-instruction in different types of projects –new construction, refurbishment,
  • commissioning, and maintenance.
  • inspect critical building components (e.g. roof, façade, openings) and MEP/HVAC components (e.g. energy and
  • comfort systems).
  • use hardware and software tools during off-site and on-site process for self-inspection and self-instruction depending on the type and scale of projects and site circumstances.​

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