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​​​​​​​​​Stichting SBRCURnet

SBRCURnet is an independent knowledge network for the entire Dutch building industry. With the knowledge and tools that we provide,  professionals in both house building and civil engineering can do their work better. The core activity of SBRCURnet is linking organisations in the constructrion industry in developing new knowledge on current issues. The association provides the industry with reliable, useful knowledge. This is facilitated by issuing knowledge in a wide range of products,  meetings and web services. We also assist in the implementation of knowledge.


​​​Main roles in INSITER​

  • T1.1 and T1.2: Developing process framework and guidelines for quality control and assurance in constru​ction, as well as quantitative methods and self-inspection techniques for building components.
  • T4.1 and T4.2: Integrating self-inspection guidelines in BIM; developing an approach for extracting information from BIM for self-instructions.
  • T6.1, T6.2 and T6.3: Being responsible as leader T6.3 to coordinate dissemination activities and manage the development of exploitation strategy and plan; developing training modules in conjunction with Build Up Skills EU programme; input to standardisation in construction and maintenance of buildings; publications in professional and scientific journals, workshops and presentation to academia and professional associations;.
  • ​T7.2: Active participation in management meetings (general assembly); fulfilmen of all obligations for reporting. 


​​Key persons involved​

​​​Dr Perica Savanović (male), is a program manager at SBRCURnet, currently responsible for projects regarding process aspects in building and construction organization forms, collaboration (and supply chain) management themes. He holds a PhD in integral design and a MSc in architecture.Having an architectural design and (electrical) engineering background, he aims to fulfil the bridging role between 'closed systems' problem-solving approaches and 'open systems' exploring approaches, in order to stimulate joint innovation and knowledge development in preferably inter-/multidisciplinary work environments.

Perica Savanovic

Mr Martijn Kramer, MSc (male), has recently joined the SBRCURnet organisation. He holds a MSc in Architecture and has more than 15 years of professional experience in project management of European co-operation and research projects in the field of sustainable building and urban design and processes. Before joining SBRCURnet he worked at the International Institute for the Urban Environment as managing director where he initiated, performed and managed projects within the Framework programmes and several Interreg programmes.

Martijn Kramer

​Mrs Maria Hänsch, MSc (female),  has been working as project manager at SBRCURnet for 3 years. She studied Architectu​re and Urbanism at the Technical University of Berlin and Technical University of Delft and holds a MSc in architecture of the Technical University of Delft. Before joining SBRCURnet she has worked for several prestigious architecture offices. She has 7 years of experience in the building industry as architect and researcher and is currently involved in projects regarding process aspects in building and construction organization forms and collaboration (and supply chain) management themes. 

Maria Hänsch

Mr Ruud Geerligs (male), is involved in technical knowledge transfer in the field of building envelope performance  and quality assurance; development of practical knowledge for the building market in the field of building details (junctions between building elements), building physics and airtightness. He built up more than 20 years of work experience in the building industry [1987-2007] and currently works as a Program manager Building technics and Building regulations. Since 2013 is Mr Geerligs also a Committee member of Dutch Building Commissioning Association. ​

Ruud Geerligs

Mr Wouter Notenbomer​ (male), started working as projectmanager at SBRCURnet after obtaining a double master at the TU Delft; architecture and building technology. He initially focused on Building Technology and BIM/digitalization. Nowadays BIM has become a complete portfolio, including implementation projects at different contractors, the realization of BIM courses for building companies and government  parties (for example the province of Gelderland and the city of Rotterdam), the development of a technical database based on linked data and is the author of several publications. Wouter is also involved in the Building Information Board, the BIM office box, supervisor of NLCS (development of a standard for technical drawings) and board member of buildingSMART Benelux.

Wouter Notenbomer

Mrs​ Tiffany Fuhler​ (female), has worked in communications for about 20 years. Gaining experience at an advertising company and a housing corporation before joining SBRCURnet 9 years ago as communications advisor. She is involved in a broad scala of projects, such as fire safety, sustainability, rules & regulations, the built environment and geotechnical engineering.​​​

Tiffany Fuhler

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